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IOWA.ROCKS IS ALL YOU NEED has already opened up a new world of opportunities for everyone involved in the business of buying or selling of all types of data. It is rapidly becoming the definitive online data place across many industries, enabling all content creators to seamlessly connect with a global audience of content consumers.

  • For content creators: Faster to value. Get expert advice on assessing, packaging and monetising your invaluable assets, with off-the-shelf legal framework agreements, available on demand. If you need experienced direct sales or really cool, but highly effective, digital marketing support we can help with this too. Delivered on resilient, proven technology specifically designed to harvest and distribute all data types. It won’t let you down. has it all.
  • For content consumers: Faster to revenue. provides an online marketplace which enables all users to quickly and easily find the data sources they need, at the right price. Accessible via an ever growing range of adaptors. drives business growth.
  • For ecosystem partners: Faster to connect. has a global reach and is already providing our innovative technology partners with unique access to a rich universe of potential new customers and opportunities. connects businesses: We are truly enabling collaboration capabilities, across many disciplines, by working with content creators, consumers and innovative technology providers, all with a common purpose – to drive business growth. Get involved.


Designed for the new Market(s) Data driven economy. To empower more informed decision making, harness the power of data today is the new financial data marketplace. It is a unique, on-demand, content rich, device agnostic service with simple, highly flexible licensing and payment terms. If your business depends on acquiring quality data sources based on prices dictated by market demand, not existing commercial supply structures, then is the place for you. 

Use it to seamlessly find and connect with established commoditised data sets as well as new, alternative and specialist providers of all market data instruments types. Covering FX, Fixed Income, Energy & Commodities through to Pharmaceutical and social sentiment based data, is here to help. 

Get a jump on new markets and recalibrate your models with sentiment based data sets that offer a unique perspective. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to source all the data types you need. 

Data is power. Why wait? Join our ever growing community today and see the new Market(s) Data driven economy through new eyes.


Data is rocking the new Market(s) Data driven economy. Unleash the power of your data today. is the new financial data marketplace. Use it to commercialise your invaluable market data content at significantly lower cost and to reach a global audience. Accelerate data sales by providing users with a simple preview of the depth and breath of your content. Enable consumers to very quickly connect to your data in multiple ways without the burden of having to build the delivery mechanisms yourselves.

Designed for content creators, removes the legacy infrastructure restrictions imposed by the incumbent data vendor monopoly. Use it to showcase and sell more content by connecting with new markets and new subscribers, faster and cheaper than ever before. It’s simple, highly effective and open to all.

If you are a product developer or data scientist, our community based ecosystem is open to exploring new relationships to develop exciting new co-mingled third-party solutions.

Data is power. Why wait? Join our ever growing community and start contributing to the new Market(s) Data driven economy, today.

The Market(s) Data - The new paradigm


The market(s) data – a paradigm shift: An important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

We believe is a new force for change that is bridging the gap between the existing and highly fragmented market data industry & the ever evolving alternative data ecosystems. It provides a single consolidated window into what we are calling the new world of “Market(s) Data”.

The world of finance is an organic, ever-changing ecosystem of users and financial products. The availability of modern technologies and the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things) has dramatically expanded the universe of users and data content. In many cases it has blurred the lines between traditional market and alternative data sources.

Traditional market data is defined as price and trade-related data for a financial instrument reported by a trading venue such as an exchange or broker. Market data enables traders and investors to know the latest price and see historical trends for commoditised instruments such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives and currencies.

Alternative data is described as any non-financial information that can be used to estimate the lending risk or borrowing of an individual or an institution. The underlying data content can be, for example, utility bills or an electronic payment. With modern sensory solutions, social media sentiment and web-based technologies the alternative data world has morphed into what is now often referred to as “big data”.

In today’s constantly evolving world of finance where a competitive edge is required to search for Alpha and/or seek out the optimum value or price, is all you need. It’s the one-stop-shop if you are looking to source or sell the new Market(s) Data. The place where both content creators and content consumers can come together in a frictionless, level playing field environment. Be part of it. To know more please get in touch. 




Data is the world's most valuable asset. Exploit its power.

Whether you are a data creator or a data consumer, the community is open to all. To be part of this game changing opportunity get in touch now to find out how. You will be in great company.